The starting half team can miss an eventual Copa Chile final

The atmosphere is very positive at the Monumental stadium. Today Colo Colo lives a sweet moment that has him fighting the 2021 National Championship and with one foot in the final of the Chile Cup, something incredible if you consider that just six months ago he fought not to lose the category.

And thinking about the definition of the Chile Cup, the ANFP scheduled the definition of the contest for September 4 at the Fiscal stadium in Talca. However, the date of the match set off the alarms, as it coincides with the return of the Qualifiers heading to Qatar 2022.

This means that Gustavo Quinteros may have several compulsory absences considering that he has many potentially eligible players. Martín Lasarte is expected to reveal his list this Monday and there it will be known which albos values ​​will be present.

Those who are on the radar of the Chilean team are Brayan Cortes, Leonardo Gil, Marcos Bolados, Iván Morales, as well as a possible youth surprise like Luciano Arriagada or even Vicente Pizarro. They are joined by Gabriel Costa, who is closely followed by Ricardo Gareca for the Peruvian team.

Leonardo Gil working under the gaze of Martín Lasarte / PHOTO: Carlos Parra – ANFP Communications

It should be remembered that La Roja will have their qualifying commitments before Brazil (September 2), Ecuador (September 5) and against Colombia (September 9). Everything indicates that it will be a large payroll due to the high load of parties.

Without a doubt a complication for the albos, which, in this way, they can lose almost half a starting team facing a hypothetical ending. El Cacique takes the challenge seriously, since winning the Chile Cup gives him a ticket to the previous phase of the Copa Libertadores.

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