The state workers of Buenos Aires adhere to the national ATE strike and also march

The ATE Provincial Board of Directors decided to join the ATE national strike for next September 27to claim for the reopening of joint ventures, emergency salary increases and job stability with a move to a permanent plant for all workers. The measure will be accompanied by a mobilization to the Ministry of Economy of the Nation.

In this framework, from ATE province of Buenos Aires they stressed the need for a “strict price control that puts an end to the trainers since every time there is a salary increase, the price increase exceeds the percentage of the same”.

It should be noted that the Axel Kicillof administration summoned the state officials to discuss new salary increases. However, from the union they pointed out that these increases were “devalued” by the rise in food prices.

Regarding the claim, they highlighted that the main objectives are: regularize the situation of thousands of workers who work in the State and do not have job stability.

Finally, they stated that the strike on September 27 with mobilization is “ultimately against the policies that the IMF intends to impose to adjust the popular sectors and to guarantee the accumulation of wealth in the most concentrated sectors.” “We are not willing to passively tolerate the path proposed by the Fund, which we have already defeated in its attempts during the previous 4 years of management. That is why this strike also includes our categorical opposition to the reduction of transfers of items to the provinces as well as, very clearly, we propose that there be no adjustment in the social areas”, they concluded from the Buenos Aires union.

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