The story of 7 months ago is repeated with the support of the Chief

A totally incredible moment is the one that the Cacique’s players lived this Friday prior to their trip to the city of Talca. A large number of fans of Colo Colo they reached the Monumental Stadium to toast the last breath in the capital prior to what will be the final of the Chile Cup.

Moment by which this situation was experienced identically seven months ago. It is that the Albos fans have shown above all Chile and even abroad, to be in good times and in bad times, considering that this historical support that was given in several cities of the country with the caravan to the Cacique bus was repeated in the actuality.

The Colo Colo fans were present this Friday at the Pedrero venue to enter the last support for the squad prior to their trip to Talca, where they will play the final of the Chile Cup against Everton de Viña del Mar.

Instance for which, it was repeated when the team had to go to the same city, but this time, to play the promotion match which ended up saving them from relegation and managing to maintain the category in the first division.

Due to this situation, that once again, the fans of Colo Colo prove to be in the good and bad moments that they live with the club. They encouraged the team when they were fighting for relegation, and this time, they did it so that the white team could win the Copa Chile championship.

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