The story of a family from Santa Fe who will leave the country due to insecurity

Like many other families and young people in these times of great violence and uncertainty, Balm will seek to go to Portugal to live a calmer and safer life. She, her husband and three childrenthey made a very important decision, which will change their lives but will guarantee them greater stability.

“We have the project of emigrating to Portugal at the end of the year,” he commented on the air in chain OH! “We had been thinking about it but it was a specific fact that convinced us,” he said.

It is that in June of this year, in Guadeloupe neighborhoodthey wanted rob them on their doorstep as they got ready to go to work and school. She went to nap. The family was with a friend and the three little ones, who went out first to the sidewalk. Hearing the screams, Melisa and her husband came out desperate and saw, with horror, that a thief pointed a gun at his 9-year-old son.

“There were two of them on a motorcycle. They asked me for my cell phone and pointed to one of my children. The other brothers saw it on top of it. They also targeted me and my husband, less than a meter away. It was our routine, what we always do, day by day, leaving the house on the sidewalk and getting in the car to go to work and school,” he said.

But that is not all. Last year he suffered another robbery with a knife, in which his cell phone and work tool were taken from him. It was around 8 in the morning, on Blas Parera street. After a month they wanted to rob him in María Selva too, by Alvear and JP López.

“Leaving was a topic that had been resonating, because we have many friends who left. That month two had left, and the truth is that we did not want to leave. It was to see how the people around us left… But that day we could not stop crying, our whole bodies were shaking. what would have happened if they had shotbecause they were totally drugged, we would have been left without a son. I did not take my children at 12 o’clock at night and I went into a villa, I was on the sidewalk of my house at siesta, “she said.

Of course the fact had sequels. The eldest son, 12 years old, did not want to go out alone anymore. They also don’t want to open the front windows or play in the garage like they used to. If the parents are not at his house, they do not appear on the sidewalk.

The decision was made as a family. First between Melisa and her husband, then they included her children. The rest of the members took the news with regret, since they understood the reasons: the fright, insecurity and uncertainty are very great.

“We have already sold things, my husband already has tickets, we did a lot of paperwork. Portugal needs labor, that’s why the government gives immigrants entry and can make them residents through a series of paperwork,” he said lastly.

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