The story of how the friendship between Eduin Caz from Grupo Firme and ‘El Yaki’ from El Recodo was born

The Firm Group Mexico is one of the most popular in the Aztec country and also in several areas abroad, such as the United States. The boys led by Eduin CazThrough effort and perseverance, they have managed to reach unsuspected levels of recognition, although before they had to follow patterns and models to obtain what they are now. Thus, the musical band has taken the career of ‘El Yaki’ as an example for the foundations of a career that until today is impeccable.

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In fact, the link that the regional music group has with Luis Alfonso Partida It is one of the strongest that they have throughout all their years of career. ‘El Yaki‘as Luis is also known, has directly influenced the style of the Firm Group, who watched closely what the singer was doing when he was part of Banda El Recodo of Don Cruz Lizárraga back in 2008 to 2011.

Eduin Caz in an interview he gave to Ernesto Barajas YouTube channel He told details of how he began his friendship with ‘El Yaki’, who is not only one of his main references, but also his compadre. In addition, Caz highlights Partida’s collaboration with Grupo Firme, which has been widely accepted by the followers of both.

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The vocalist of Firm Group He tells how was the meeting and birth of friendship with ‘El Yaki’. By then, the regional group already had some hits, which passed 50 million views. In addition, the singer refers to ‘Chacharas‘, whom he blames for having introduced him to the then leader of Banda el Recodo.

“When I met him, I already brought several songs, ‘Money or nothing’, ‘I swear to God’, ‘Love was not for’ me ‘,’ Ask me ‘, those underground rolls were already there, there were already four songs that they had upstairs of 50 million, then When I ran into him, I remember that Chacharas took him, rest in peace, he took him to the boardwalk, there I met him, he remembered.

In the middle of the conversation, Caz reminded the then leader of El Recodo that years ago they had sung together. “Eight years ago you played with El Recodo, here and here and you sang and I showed him the video where we left singing”, the Mexican singer revived.


As they once promised, in October 2021, ‘El Yaki’ and Eduin Caz became compadres, after the former member of El Recodo is officially the Geraldine’s godfather, the daughter of the leader of Grupo Firme. The party was in a big way, as it had the presence of other bands linked to the origin of the singer of the Tijuana band.

After the ceremony for the sacrament, the attendees enjoyed the music of Caliber 50, one of the groups where Eduin Caz was the first voice. The singer took the stage to perform ‘Caring for the territory’. Beto Sierra, another of the Mexican artist’s acquaintances, also took the stage to accompany him.

It should be remembered that Eduin Caz has always shown his happiness for his daughter. When his first-born was born, the first words of the regional artist were: “It looks a lot like me”. The musician is very attached to the minor, who always shows how happy she is when her father shows her affection.

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