The strong accusation that weighs on Mariano Peluffo

A few days ago, a tweet from Alan Moreno, a participant in “Perdidos en la Tribu”, the program he hosted, went viral. Mariano Peluffo in 2012, where three families traveled to an unknown destination to live for a month with a primitive tribe. The prize was 300 thousand pesos. The young man recounted his harsh experience on the show through his Twitter account.

“We were one of the three families selected after more than 6 stages of casting. Flia. Moreno, quadruplets. Almost ready to board the plane, I had to choose between 3 envelopes that randomly contained 3 countries. Ethiopia. We would spend a month with a tribe from Africa”Alan Moreno began to tell on Twitter about his time on the Telefe reality show hosted by the driver Mariano Peluffo.

Source: (Neuquén Minute)

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