The subtraction of points cannot be a punishment by the court

Colo Colo begins to leave complicated and tense days in the past due to the covid-19 outbreak that hit the campus after the victory over Catholic University, this in view of the decisive dates that are coming for the Cacique in his desire to shout champion in the present National Championship 2021.

However, in the ANFP are determined to show that health protocols were broken at the Monumental after the match with the UC, which generated this wave of infections that left us without playing with the starting team against Audax Italiano last Thursday.

The medical commission of the governing body of Chilean soccer is taking the complaint against the Cacique to the Disciplinary Court, where even one is mentioned possible subtraction of points between some of the penalties that the team trained by Gustavo Quinteros could receive.

But don’t panic albos, as If the ANFP regulation is analyzed at this point, no subtraction of points is contemplated for the offense attributed to the Chief, since they would only be in an economic fine.

The latter is independent if in Colo Colo they fell into recidivism, Since what was experienced after the game against UC is the same that happened a few months ago after the victory over Universidad de Chile in the superclassic, where the celebration in the dressing room ended with an outbreak that forced them to play against Ñublense with youth.

At that time, Blanco y Negro had to pay the minimum established in the regulations, a fine of 5 UF after the determination of the Disciplinary Court of the ANFP.

Point 7 here is key, since it points out that “The players, coaches or other persons authorized according to the Rules of the championship and / or the Protocols to remain within the exclusion zone, must maintain proper use of the mask at all times.”

The celebration after the victory in the Superclásico ended up leaving a contagion of covid-19. | Photo: Colo Colo.

According to the document, “Recidivism in the behaviors typified in numerals 2), 5), 7), 8), 9), 10) and 13) will have a sanction by the Court that will apply double the sanction imposed previously”. What does this translate to? In what Any sanction will be double that imposed in the first round after the duel with the U, that is, 10 UF.


There is also the case that the conduct that the medical commission seeks to sanction was different from point 7 of the regulation. Unfortunately for some, it would still be an economic sanction. In addition, it would no longer be a repeat offense, because as we mentioned earlier, it would be at a point other than 7.

Finally, if they wanted to apply the full rigor of the law against Colo Colo, point 14 of the regulation would have to be applied, which indicates that “Any other conduct that is not referred to in the previous paragraphs and that constitutes an infraction of the Bases, and that is denounced by the referee of the match or by the Board, will also be known and resolved by the Disciplinary Court”. In that case the The sanction ranges from a warning, administrative yellow cards and / or fines between 5 and up to 500 UF, as the case may be.

However, the subtraction of points is not feasible if one carefully analyzes the regulations drawn up by the same board of the ANFP. In this way, the tournament will continue to be defined on the court, not on a desk.

Yes, the rules are clear.

No, sportingly it was not fair.

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