The surprise that Darío Barassi got after being replaced by Chino Leunis

Dario Barassi is one of the most recognized drivers on the Argentine screen and his success, in part, has been due to the good work he has done in front of the “100 Argentinos Dicen” program, which is currently in charge of driving Chino Leunis due to a problem familiar that the entertainer had.

As confirmed by the program “Partners of the Show”, Dario Barassi He had to move away from the screens of El Trece because his newborn daughter had to be admitted to the hospital for a viral illness, which is why the solcito channel decided that the driver’s place be occupied by Chino Leunis, who has done a great season after being in charge of “El Hotel de los Famosos”.

Barassi has not had good moments in El Trece due to the low rating numbers that his program has obtained.

To thank your colleague for this effort, Dario Barassi made a video via Instagram on one of the last days off that he took to be with his family right now: “From the dirt of fatherhood, because I’m a little stained because I had to cook my daughter sausage and ketchup , because it is what I could do, Dear Chinese, thanks dad for going out on the bull“, the message begins.

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