The SVT pictures shake Silvia – in the middle of the party night

The big scandal will be shown to everyone.

The European royal houses, with their traditions and their exalted position in society, have always been the subject of scrutiny and criticism, and when scandals arise, everyone is interested in finding out what has happened.

Many of these scandals and startling events have since been dramatized in various forms, most notably in Britain where there are countless depictions of their royal family’s long history.

The trend reached Sweden this year when Netflix released its series Young Royals, where you get to follow a fictional Swedish royal family, even though certain events and people are said to have a role model in the real world.

Now comes the next Swedish royal series, and it is a much more controversial one in that it actually depicts a real scandal within the Swedish royal family. This is how the series is described on SVT’s website:

“A forbidden love story that led to one of the worst legal scandals in Sweden’s history. Based on real events, the story is told about the secret relationship between the cellar master Kurt Haijby and Sweden’s King Gustaf V. The bubble bursts when Haijby’s wife requests a divorce and as a reason states her husband’s infidelity – with the King of Sweden. “

On Thursday, the first episode of the series was shown at a premiere, in the middle of the Spanish royal couple’s state visit. The entire season will be available on SVT Play on December 23.

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