The SVT profile disappears completely from the TV screen – made its last program

Now the SVT profile Pia Herrera Go ‘leaves the evening, and the TV screen.

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In February, Go ‘evening host Pia Herrera was forced to make a difficult decision. Continue the year out or end now? She chose to do the latter.

– A few weeks before Christmas, I got a shock when our group manager said that they obviously wanted to sign a contract with me for the whole of 2022, but that it will be my last year. I did not understand anything, what then last ?, she has previously said.

The last episode with SVT presenter Pia Herrera

After five years in the program, she chose to say no to extending the contract, and tonight the last episode with Pia in the lead was broadcast.

– When I was last up and doing programs a couple of weeks ago, it was very hard. It felt incredibly sad and I actually started crying three times in one working day, it kind of just came, Pia tells Expressen.

Pia will remain in production until the last of May, but when she leaves it is not with any “hard feelings”, rather the opposite. She says she will look back on Go’s evening time with a huge amount of love.

– I like so much about all the people I work with, I have always been so happy to come here. It has really been a favor to be able to keep up with these and work with this, she says.

The thought of leaving the TV industry completely

This summer, she is back in the box for a short period. She will participate in Morgonstudion, but in September that contract also expires, and then she leaves SVT, and possibly the TV industry completely.

The future is uncertain.

– Of course, it would be fantastic fun to have a program. A program with guests, maybe something like a talk show. I do not think it will happen – but it is definitely a dream, she says.

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