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We have seen them together in various TV shows for years. But few know what the SVT profiles’ relationships to each other really look like outside the box.

Some are very close to each other – others barely meet outside of the recordings.

Antikrundan – Knut Knutson is one of those exposed.” alt=”Knut Knutsson and Anne Lundberg”/>

There is partying and frolicking behind the scenes in The antique round – Knut Knutson is one of those exposed.

Magnus Liam Karlsson

The wild parties behind the scenes in The antique round

The antique round is one of SVT’s most classic programs. It has been broadcast since 1989, first with Jesper Aspegren as host, and for the past 20 years, Anne Lundberg has guided viewers through antiques and obscure flea market finds.

Anette Granlund describes The antique round like a traveling circus.


Several of the experts in the program have been involved since the beginning and are close to each other – they are like a traveling circus troupe during the recordings and hang out closely for several weeks.

– It’s like a traveling circus. You get to know each other very well and have separation anxiety when the recordings are over. It feels very empty. There were fewer of us from the start and then you got to know each other even better. We sat and talked, ate dinners, drank red wine, played cards and discussed, expert Anette Granlund told Expressen.

The whole team often stays in hotels together and over the years there have been quite a few parties.

– The boys in particular were really brave. It happened that someone did not manage to get into bed, but fell asleep sitting in the armchair, former expert Antonia Berglund told Aftonbladet.

Earlier The antique round-expert Peter Pluntky and presenter Anne Lundberg.


During a party in Karlskrona, colleagues cut off expert Knut Knutson’s tie.

– It was just a jerk we got, because he insisted on wearing a tie. We joked a bit with each other, it was crude but hearty humour, former expert Peter Pluntky told Expressen.

Unknown love couples in The antique round

Few know that several of the experts in The antique round also live together.

Knut Knutson, who has been with since the start, has been married for many years to Charlotte Widenfeldt, who was one of the experts in the program from the 1990s and into the 2010s.

Charlotte Widenfeldt and Knut Knutson

Charlotte Widenfeldt and Knut Knutson have been a couple for many years and work with each other on a daily basis.

Trons / TT

– It was good for Antikrundan’s economics, where you always try to keep costs down, that two experts could suddenly share a hotel room, Knut Knutson told Expressen.

To this day, they work together, albeit not on television but at the Uppsala Auction Chamber.

Antikrundan’s Eva Seeman and Jörgen Martinsson are married to each other.

Patrik Österberg/TT

The perennial ones The antique round-experts Jörgen Martinsson and Eva Seeman also live together – as do Lena Rydén and Andreas Rydén.

The Rydén couple also work together on a daily basis, at Bukowskis.

– For us, it works well. In the beginning we were at competing auction houses and it was more difficult, sometimes we came to the same home visit but from different auction houses. It is easier to work on the same, now we have worked together since 2007, Lena Rydén told Expressen.

Lena and Andreas Rydén are one of the couples in The antique round.

Lizzie Larsson/TT

Former experts Jan Bäckman and Pia Staël von Holstein were also a couple until Jan’s tragic death from cancer in 2012. Pia remained in the program until 2018.

The SVT profiles that do not socialize privately

One of SVT’s absolute biggest successes in recent years is Best in test – the family entertainment program, where a panel has to complete more or less absurd challenges, has become a huge success.

A receipt for that was when TV4 chose to move Let’s dance from Friday to Saturday to avoid competing for viewers.

– It’s a feather in the cap. Let’s dance have been there for quite a while and spent Friday evenings with the families, David Sundin told Expressen.

Babben Larsson and David Sundin have been praised for the hit program Best in test – but the presenters don’t hang out in private.

Karin Törnblom/TT

He leads Best in test together with Babben Larsson – the special dynamic between them is undoubtedly also one of the program’s success factors.

But the fact is that their relationship outside the box is non-existent – ​​David Sundin and Babben Larsson have never even had dinner together.

– David has small children and has so much to stand for, which in and of itself I also have. So we don’t hang out and have never had dinner or anything. He has his private life and I have mine, Babben told Aftonbladet.

The Go’kväll presenters’ relationship outside the box

What would SVT be without the café programs? After classical Cafe Norrköping closure, the long-hauler was started Good evening 1997 and the presenters have become popular profiles.

Linda Olofsson, Inger Ljung-Olsson, Pia Herrera (who left the program last spring) and Beppe Starbrink in Good evening.

Matilda Sandberg

Many of the presenters live in the Umeå region, where the program is broadcast from, and also socialize outside the box – they have previously told Svensk Damtidning that there is occasionally a bite to eat and some beer in town.

– A good way to get to know each other better, program manager Inger Ljung-Olsson has said.

There is usually even the occasional couple’s dinner.

– Since Inger and I live quite close to each other, it sometimes happens that we spend time together with our respective ones. The others I have a little text message contact with from time to time, the presenter Beppe Starbrink has told.

Inger Ljung-Olsson was supported by colleagues in Good evening when she suffered a brain hemorrhage.

Janne Danielsson JAD

When Inger Ljung-Olsson suffered a brain hemorrhage in 2020, she received great support from her fellow presenters.

– I received great support from all of them when I got sick. Linda (Olofsson) and Beppe and a few others were at my house quite early in the healing process and had lunch that they had brought with them. Pia (Herrera) bought a lovely shower soap which is her own favourite, which I received in a nice package when I visited. Plus I got flowers and such sent home, said Inger Ljung-Olsson.

Garden hours-profiles do not meet after recording

Another beloved SVT program is Garden hours which is led by Pernilla Månsson-Colt, Tareq Taylor, John Taylor and Malin Persson.

When the program started thirteen years ago, the goal was to make a garden program that you could relax to with a glass of wine, Pernilla Månsson-Colt told Svensk Damtidning.

Malin Persson, Pernilla Månsson-Colt, Tareq Taylor and John Taylor i Garden hours in SVT.

Andreas Rydbacken

– It would be permissive, not so many pointers, and it would be a nice vibe. That has been with us ever since, even if we don’t invite people to sit and sip wine, we still have the nice atmosphere. It is not “this is how you must do it” but “this is how you can do it”.

The atmosphere and the relationship between the presenters is one of the programme’s strongest characteristics.

– Between me and Pernilla there has always been a quarrel like between an old married couple. Now John has taken over the baton and is arguing with her and it’s great. It will be playful and not so serious. You have to be allowed to joke about things and push each other with loving hugs, it will be much better then, Tareq Taylor has told us.

Tareq Taylor and the other profiles in the Garden hours do not meet outside of the recordings.

Mattias Ankrah MAN

However, do not hang out Garden hours-the profiles outside the intensive recording periods.

– I really believe that we need a break from each other because it gets quite intense when we see each other, Pernilla Månsson-Colt has said and told us that they do, however, sometimes hear about gardening, food or interior design issues.

– But it’s not like we hang out, but we make sure to keep the line open for each other during those months when we don’t see each other. Since every spring when we meet again, it’s a bit like a cow lip, like this “yes, now we’re going again, damn what fun”.

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