The Swedish Work Environment Authority requires measures after the release in the swimming pool

It was in mid-August that several rescue units were alerted to the swimming and sports hall in Eksjö after an alarm about a spill. The premises had to be evacuated and a large area was cordoned off.

Chemical cans were easily confused

After the accident, the Swedish Work Environment Authority was on site and carried out an inspection. It now shows, among other things, that chemical canisters were placed in the wrong place so that the sodium hypochlorite was where the sulfuric acid was supposed to be and vice versa.

This caused one of the employees to fill in sulfuric acid instead of sodium hypochlorite. According to the Swedish Work Environment Agency, the cans had the same blue color. It was only the color of the lids that differed and therefore they were easy to confuse.

The Work Environment Agency also criticizes that there has been no investigation and risk assessment of the risks that may exist in the technology room where chemicals for water purification are filled.

Eksjö municipality now has until mid-December to describe how they will meet the requirements of the Swedish Work Environment Agency, otherwise they risk an injunction or ban.

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The swimming pool in Eksjö had to be evacuated after a release of a dangerous substance on Tuesday morning. Photo: Bengt Ljunggren

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