The Tamburi Investment Partners stock does better than the average of the Italian market. What could be the medium-term objectives?

On a trading day characterized by strong enthusiasm in the first part of trading and, thanks to the American stock markets, by a strong retracement from the highs during the second part, the Tamburi Investment Partners stock is doing better than the average of the Italian market.

This behavior could be the beginning of the recovery for a stock that has shown severe weakness in recent weeks. Suffice it to say that in the last 14 sessions 12 have seen the closing lower than the opening. Even on a weekly basis, the weakness is very evident. In fact, in the last five weeks (excluding the current one), the closing has always been lower than the opening.

At present, therefore, the current projection is bearish and the current week could accelerate the current trend. As can be seen from the graph, in fact, a weekly close of less than 8.19 euro could favor the achievement of the 7.52 euro area, first, and subsequently the most probable bearish target in the 6.43 euro area (I price target). . Subsequently, then, the most probable target could be placed in the 3.58 euro area (II price target). The maximum bearish extension, on the other hand, could be in the 0.73 euro area (III price target). At present, however, this goal is very unlikely.

Only an 8.19 euro area holding could give some hope to the bulls. Hope that it could become something much more concrete in the case of weekly closures exceeding 9.1 euros. In this case, price increases would be possible at least up to the 10 euro area.

The valuation of Tamburi Investment Partners

From this point of view, the situation of the title is not very comforting. Whatever the metric used, in fact, the shares are overvalued.

The positive news comes from the fact that the margins generated by the company are among the highest on the stock exchange. The company’s business, in fact, is particularly profitable. Additionally, over the past 4 months, the company has enjoyed strong earnings corrections which have recently been revised up in significant proportions.

Furthermore, the company has a weak financial situation with a high net debt and a relatively low EBITDA. Additionally, the company’s enterprise value to sales report ranks it among the most expensive companies worldwide. Finally, with an expected price / earnings ratio of 38.76 and 37.86 for the current year and for the next year respectively, the company operates with very high profit multiples.

According to what is reported in specialized journals, for analysts who cover the title the average consensus is buy with an average target price that expresses an undervaluation of around 50%.

The Tamburi Investment Partners stock does better than the average of the Italian market. What could be the medium-term objectives?

The title Tamburi Investment Partners (MIL: TIP) closed the session on 10 May at € 8.14, up by 2.13% compared to the previous session.

Weekly time frame



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