The Taste: That’s what the winners do today

Do you still remember Paula and Lars, Felicitas and Lisa? They were once among the winners of the Sat.1 cooking show “The Taste”. At the start of the tenth season, TV investigated: This is what happened to the previous winners.

Felicitas Then, Season 1

IMAGO / Gartner

Felicitas Then at the Golden Camera Digital Award 2020.

The first season of ran in late autumn 2013 “The Taste”, moderated by Christina Henning, in the jury such illustrious names as Tim Mälzer, Frank Rosin, Léa Linster and Alexander Herrmann. In the final sat down Felicitas Then with a superb 3 course meal through. After the show, she switched from journalism to professional cooking, today she conjures up new recipes, continues to cook on TV, including on “Abenteuer Leben” on Kabel Eins and on YouTube, writes cookbooks such as “taste the world” and operates an online shop for spices, drinks and knives.

Jan Aigner, Season 2

Kristof Mulack, Season 3

New season, new luck, in 2016 Cornelia Polette replaced Léa Linster on the jury. It won Kristoff Mulack with a vegetarian three-course menu. Today the Berliner works as a caterer, gastro consultant and concept developer. From 2020 to 2021 he also wrote a column in the daily mirror with the title “Mulack’s new Berlin kitchen”.

Marco Zingone, Season 4

There was also a change in the jury team in 2016, this time Roland Trettl came for Tim Mälzer. The winner was called Marco Zingone, his aroma combination was perfectly balanced. Six years later, Marco is as busy and successful as ever, as head of gastronomy at the Golfclub Mülheim an der Ruhr, and as Member of the Spoon Gangwhich consists of former “The Taste of Germany” candidates and regularly hosts spoon menu events.

Lisa Angerman, Season 5

The fifth season was broadcast from October 11, 2017, on St. Nicholas Day Lisa Angerman as the winner, Joel, Christian and Hansjörg were at a disadvantage with their aroma combinations. In 2018 she opened her own restaurant in Leipzig together with her husband Andreas Reineke. FRIEDA was 2021 with the Michelin star awarded, followed a year later by a green star for sustainability. In addition, Lisa Angermann writes cookbooks and works as a cook and speaker on various projects.

Gary Loen, Season 6

SAT.1 / Catharina Thuemling

This is what “The Taste” winners look like: Gary Loen, Roland Trettl (from left)

Say it with flowers: The sixth season in autumn 2017, with an unchanged team, won with Gary Loen a florist from Amsterdam. Today the good-humoured Loen with the characteristic glasses entertains his guests in their own restaurant in the Dutch capital. In August 2022 he finally returned to television and promptly took part in the Kabel-Eins-Show “My local, your local” the first place.

Marko Ullrich, Season 7

In 2019 there was initially a lot of bench backs in the jury, for Poletto and Trettl, both of whom could get out Tim Raue and Maria Gross to be committed. Finally sat down Mark Ullrich through which his girlfriend had secretly registered. Today Marko heads the restaurant team cooking temple in Stauchitz, in the 3-country corner of Saxony. He slapped the prize money on his head for his own farm and beekeeping. In the future, Marko would also like to open an ice cream parlor and a cooking school or healing practice on his farm.

Lars Fumic, Season 8

Replaced in the eighth season Alex Kumptner Maria Grossfor presenter Christina Henning there was also a replacement, in the form of Angelina Kirsch. The winner was called Lars Fumic, with a three-course menu in the combination “sweet and hearty”. Under the motto “A life dedicated to hospitality” there is a whole world to discover on Lars’ homepage, in addition to his blog and recipes own product line with muesli, oil and gin from our own production. He also works as a private facility and household manager and looks after luxury properties around the world.

Paula Bründl, Season 9

For once, nothing has changed in the composition of the jury and the moderation in the ninth season of “The Taste” in 2021. Then sat down as the winner Paula Brundl through. The Salzburg native only discovered her passion for cooking quite late, namely during the first lockdown in 2020. Her victory was all the more impressive. After completing her psychology studies in Vienna, Paula finally decided to train as a cook, which she did in the Two-star restaurant Steirereck completed in the Austrian capital.

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