The teacher acknowledges a number of factors

– I do not know exactly why I did it, said the former teacher in court when the case began in Hordaland District Court on Thursday, writes Bergensavisen.

– There’s something I regret terribly. I am here now to explain myself and make sure that everything comes out, continues the accused, who lives in Bergen.

The man is together charged with violating five different sections of the Penal Code. He is said to have tried, and succeeded in getting children under the age of 14, and between 14 and 16 to perform gross sexual acts with himself.

Snapchat and Skype

In addition, he has repeatedly enticed children under the age of 16 to engage in sexually abusive or other obscene behavior.

The latest charge is that he has produced or stored a large amount of abuse material, which the police found when they arrested the man in May 2020.

The abuse is said to have largely taken place via apps such as Snapchat and Skype. In a number of cases, he pretended to be a boy in his teens and pressured his victims to commit various sexual acts with themselves. In addition, he is said to have used highly sexualized communication with the victims.

Former students as victims

Several of his victims are said to be former students. The abuses are said to have taken place in several places in Western Norway. One case took place in another part of the country.

– It is a comprehensive and serious case that concerns many victims, says coordinating assistance lawyer Morten Engesbak.

He adds that the case is extra serious because the man has worked as a teacher.

The case continues until 5 November.


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