The technology of the Monumental towers that allows writing Colo Colo

A totally special Wednesday It is the one that was experienced during the day yesterday for the colocolina institution. The white box enjoyed two fundamental triumphs both in the men’s first team, as well also in your female category.

And it is that the popular cadre lived before the commitment of Colo Colo Female in the grounds of the Monumental Stadium, where those attending this match could see the match that was played in Rancagua on the screens of the sports redoubt.

With the match already played, and while halftime was underway in the women’s team match, a special situation was experienced with the Monumental lighting towers, where one of the fans who attended this match captured the key moment where these had the club deed.

Through social networks the image where the towers of the Monumental Stadium was written the word went viral Colo Colo quickly captivating the vision of the Cacique fans who accompanied the albas in this crucial match, where they ended up winning the victory.

Lighting towers of the Monumental Stadium. (Photo: @ SebaCaro8)

An instance for which it is carried out with this new lighting that the Cacique enclosure has, where a remodeling is constantly being worked on and which has had to calmly be a product of the pandemic.

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