The tense but funny meeting of Iván Morales with Patricio Yáñez

Iván Morales, with a great presence in Gustavo Quinteros’ team in Colo Colo, visited ESPN F90 and had a tense, but entertaining encounter with Patricio Yáñez at the beginning of the interview.

The white scorer was introduced by Fernando Solabarrieta and then began to greet the entire panel until he reached Patricio Yáñez. The one formed in the Cacique took advantage of the opportunity to remind the now commentator of the time when he “killed” him.

“It seems that he never missed a goal in his life”, Iván Morales threw him only at the beginning of the interview. This caused laughter from the panel and made Patricio Yáñez nervous, who also defended himself.

The former national team had the right to reply and showed a curious response. “Iván, if I had converted everything I missed, I would have more goals than Pelé. There is an issue that I have always thought about the player: those who have conditions, one can demand, those who do not make an effort and work and do not go to be neither the best nor the worst “, he detailed.

He further added that, “But the one who has the t-shirt and returns it having conditions, that one must criticize, the one who can. You have understood. One sees you happy, making good decisions, you already said it several months ago, that you made decisions of professionalism, of food, everything you know is about your reunion. I like you to tell me. I also sent myself a lot of shit in my life “.

Iván Morales in Colo Colo

Finally, Ivan closed everything with a joke. “Nice to talk to you, a couple of weeks ago I ran into you in a bakery near my house and you didn’t turn my gaze, but it doesn’t matter”, he sentenced.

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