The terrible decision of Marcelo Tinelli that Ángel de Brito did not hesitate to air

Marcelo Tinelli He is one of the most recognized figures in Argentina, since with his program “Showmatch” he managed to have the leadership of the rating for many years. However, at present she doesn’t seem to be on a hot streak, as “Sing with Me Now” has not achieved the ratings score that El Trece expected.

However, this time, Marcelo Tinelli It is not news for these reasons, since one of his friends and colleagues, Ángel de Brito, decided to expose in a round of questions and answers a terrible attitude that the figure of El Trece had with him. It all started when a follower asked him about the possibility of the driver going to his program as a guest.

De Brito was a jury member of one of the last “Bailando” by Marcelo Tinelli.

“He never wanted to come,” said a very spicy Ángel de Brito against Marcelo Tinelli. To do justice, it is necessary to point out that there are very few programs to which Guillermina Valdés’s ex-partner has gonealthough he always has a good vibe when one or another journalist wants to make him a mobile.

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