The theater returns to Mar del Plata: it will be the first post-pandemic theater season

The “true return” of the theater season in Mar del Plata was held yesterday after the pandemic, taking last summer as an intentionan “as if” or an “almost” with little pleasure, which had been diagrammed with expectation in the holiday centers but before the regrowth of January forced suspensions of works and slowed down the activity until its subsequent takeoff, starting in March.

“45 years after our first season in Mar del Plata, we predict a successful one in 2023 according to the expectations of vacationers on the Coast for the summer”, opened Carlos Rottemberg in the presentation of his programming and evoked the ups and downs of yesteryear.

“I remember that the summer of 1987 was an absolute and unequaled record for ticket sales and an activity that shone with the traction of Alberto Olmedo, while a year later we mourned him after his death. In the hyperinflation of 1989, between 10 in the morning and 11 at night, we raised the ticket price 7 times, once every two hours. At that time there were no ticket machines, you had to go to the ticket office to buy the famous rolls. I remember so many moments, the last pandemic, the Bonex plans, the playpen, and once again we are here”.

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“Lolly”, by José María Muscari

After a year and a half of functions, “Lolly”, by José María Muscari It will be at the Atlas Theater after consecrating itself as the only show to premiere in the pandemic with reduced capacity, maintaining good sales and moving to the Mar del Plata programming. It addresses the theme of Alzheimer’s, from the humor that enables reflection and identification. It has performances by Ana María Picchio, Leonor Benedetto, Julieta Ortega, Patricia Sosa and Karina K.

“Divorce”, with Luciano Castro

At the Mar del Plata theater, “El Divorce” will debut, with Luciano Castro, Natalie Pérez, Pablo Rago and Carla Conte, directed by Nelson Valente about two couples of friends, one of them trying to overcome a separation, which they share with the others. method to reconcile.

“Lapland”, winner of several ACE awards

“Lapland” will be at the Bristol, after winning several ACEs and also directed by Valente, at this point a director who is an expert in drawing laughter and word of mouth from an audience he knows better and better. With Jorge Suárez, Laura Oliva, Héctor Díaz and Paula Ransensberg, about two brothers who live in Argentina and Finland and meet to spend a Christmas together that will open the debate on traditions, family values ​​and the secrets of the past.

For the family, “Dionosaurs, a Jurassic adventure”

There will be a musical for the family with “Dionosaurus, a Jurassic Adventure” at the América Theater, which Rottenberg jokingly described as a tribute to living dinosaurs by Susana Giménez. Meanwhile, Gabriel Rolón will continue with his show “Palabra plena”, which has been occupying the ranking of the most watched behind “Piaf” and “El método Gronholm”.

Tomás and Carlos Rottemberg will also produce artists who are successful on the networks and fill theaters, for example, “I am Rada, scrambled”, at the Lido, with Agustín Aristarán and his one-man show that will bring already seen sketches and some new ones. He will finally have his show on Corrientes influencer Wali Iturraga, who embodies “Jenny, the Paraguayan” and thanks to his followers he jumped to the theater and sold out locations. On the Neptune.

Next Monday there will be a new edition of “Argentina lives theater and music” in which AADET invites all the theater circuits and announces, together with the City Government, the program for next year.

Piaf, Gronholm and Rolón followed behind Piaf, Gronholm and Rolón’s most viewed works up to the last measurement in November: “Los Bonovos”, “Regreso en Patagonia” with Peter Lanzani; “Bujas”, “My mother, my girlfriend and I”, “The truth”, “Perdidamente” and “Las chicas de la culpa”.

Source: Scope

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