The thing about the president of Workshops has no support: Colo Colo has the 1st option with Solari

“Talleres wants Pablo Solari back. Officially, they have not started any procedure “, Andrés Fassi expressed to El Deportivo de La Tercera, who also added the following: “Just paying 50 percent in cash and seeing how we can agree on the other 50. But Talleres wants it back“.

An unnecessary controversy that the president of Talleres established and that seeks to expedite future actions with Blanco y Negro, who have already notified the Argentine leadership that they will make use of the purchase option of 50% of the pass.

But, does what the President of Workshops is looking for has real support? Here at DaleAlbo we explain it to you. Andrés Fassi wants it at all costs and has it valued at 3 million dollars. However, Colo Colo, by contract, always has the first option and the rest cannot be changed.

Even the valuation of 3 million cannot change either, since half of the pass is worth 750 thousand dollars, it is only a technique to seek to get more money from the Pibe de Oro.

The president of the T seeks that Blanco y Negro pay as soon as possible, but to exemplify the situation, Colo Colo can pay you five minutes before the New Year’s hug and the Kid will be the Cacique’s player.

Pablo Solari in Colo Colo

Alba dealership has until December 31 and is in no rush to pay. It should be noted that these months are used to raise the money necessary to buy Pablo Solari.

Yes, but there is a lot of tournament left

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