The third anniversary of Microsoft Labs: coming because of AI, to the new “Yuan”

On September 21, the third anniversary celebration of Microsoft Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things Lab (hereinafter referred to as “Microsoft Lab”) was grandly held on Zhangjiang Artificial Intelligence Island with the theme of “Coming from AI, sailing to the new ‘Yuan'”.Xu Minxu, Deputy Director of Shanghai Pudong New Area Science and Technology and Economic Committee, Chen Weiwei, Deputy Party Secretary and General Manager of Shanghai Zhangjiang (Group) Co., Ltd., Tian Qunxi, Vice President of Microsoft Greater China and General Manager of Public Business Department, Sony Semiconductor Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Hideyuki Narita, Vice President of Development Center, Huanjing Zhu, General Manager of Microsoft AI and IoT LabWaiting for the guests to attend the ceremony.
Xu Minxu, Deputy Director of Science and Technology and Economic Commission of Pudong New Area, Shanghai

Xu Minxu, deputy director of Shanghai Pudong New Area Science and Technology and Economic Committee, expressed his heartfelt congratulations to the Microsoft Lab for this celebration, and said: “Microsoft AI and IoT Lab is the first batch of AI innovation and application pilot areas in Pudong New Area to be built in China. One of the important carriers. Since landing on Zhangjiang Artificial Intelligence Island,Microsoft Labs fully utilizes the ‘bridge effect’ and accelerates the introduction of enterprise solutions to the market through ecological docking. Currently,GOI has released 3 phases, a total of 47, and Microsoft Labs is one of the first 20. It is believed that in the future, Microsoft Labs will introduce more Microsoft cutting-edge technologies, empower partners with technology, realize the integration of large and medium-sized enterprises, and facilitate sustainable development. “

Tian Qunxi, Vice President of Microsoft Greater China and General Manager of Public Business Department

Tian Qunxi, vice president of Microsoft Greater China and general manager of the public business department, delivered a speech on behalf of Microsoft, he mentioned: “Since its establishment in 2019, the laboratory has received many people from various industries such as medicine, manufacturing, retail, urban, finance, etc.Nearly 1,000 large and medium-sized enterprises and partners have applied for settlementselected fromOver 160 high-quality companiesproviding them with technical support based on Microsoft’s latest artificial intelligence and Internet of Things, includingProvide hardware and software resources, Microsoft Azure cloud service resources, help enterprises connect to the Microsoft ecosystem and achieve linkage with large, medium and small industry resources, etc.

Three years of hard work, fruitful results

The laboratory has always been committed to building an open and shared industry exchange platform.As of the end of August 2022, the laboratory heldMore than 100 gamesOnline and offline technical forums, industry summits and partner conferences and other activities have attracted nearly 30,000 peopleparticipation; at the same time, field visits to the laboratoryNearly 6,000 visitors.

“Yuan” point, then go

Zhu Huanjing, general manager of Microsoft’s AI and IoT Lab, made a speech entitled “‘Yuan’ point, go again”, reviewed the fruitful achievements of the laboratory in the three years since its establishment, and shared the next step of the laboratory.
Zhu Huanjing, General Manager of Microsoft AI and IoT Lab

In the past three years, Microsoft Labs has moved from Zhangjiang to the world,More than 160 companies have been empowered; empowered by technology,Helping nearly 80 innovations come to fruition; through business empowerment,Help nearly 20 companies enter the Microsoft ecosystem; through investment empowerment,42 companies received financing.

Looking ahead to the new year, Microsoft Labs will focus on four areas:Sustainability, Web 3.0, Life and Health, Autonomous Drivingby increasing investment in technological empowerment of enterprises in these four fields, allowing Microsoft AI and IoT technologies to inject technological impetus into more innovative enterprises.

It is worth mentioning that the theme of this event is “to sail to the new ‘meta’ because of AI”, which also shows Zhang Jiang’s attention and exploration of the Metaverse. In June of this year, Zhangjiang Digital Chain (Metaverse) characteristic industrial park became the third batch of municipal characteristic parks in Shanghai. Zhangjiang Group also released the concept of “Zhangjiang · Future City SUPER CITY”, and proposed for the first time the 4.1 square kilometers of Zhangjiang Central District. As the scope, with the five super scenarios of “future transportation, future medical care, future life, future finance, and future manufacturing” as the traction, ten integrated open innovation platforms will be built, and Zhangjiang’s digital twin “city of the future” pilot area will be built.

As a global and open technology empowerment platform, Microsoft Labs has always been committed to promoting multi-industry and cross-industry technology empowerment and integration. In the future, Microsoft Labs will continue to take root in digital solutions, foster cross-industry communication scenarios, and derive business value through technology empowerment.
Lei Yazhou, Executive Deputy Director of Zhangjiang Science City Science and Technology Innovation Service Center, Guan Fenghua, Deputy Director of Zhangjiang Group Investment Promotion Service Center, and Yin Bing, Director of Microsoft Internet of Things Ecological Partner Business Unit Asia, issued the certificate of completion to the fifth phase of outstanding enterprises
Wei Junna, Deputy Director of the Science and Technology Innovation and Science Popularization Division of Pudong New Area Science and Economic Commission, Sun Weiqin, Deputy General Manager of Zhangjiang Science and Technology Investment, and Li Lei, General Manager of Microsoft’s Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Division, issued the certificate of opening for the sixth phase of outstanding enterprises

Large and medium-sized enterprises financing,Multi-field technology empowerment

Zhangjiang has a very distinctive open innovation model, and the development of large and medium-sized enterprises is one of the representative ecosystems. In order to better build an industrial ecology of collaborative innovation and integrated development of multinational enterprises, industry leading enterprises and small and medium-sized start-up enterprises, in November 2021, Microsoft Labs and Sony Semiconductor Solutions Group (hereinafter referred to as: Sony) jointly launched “Sony”.Microsoft Sony Partner Enablement Program“.The program aims to recruit excellent local partners, based on Microsoft’s Azure AI and IoT technology, and Sony’s intelligent image sensor technology, to jointly create innovative solutions in the field of computer vision and video analysis, and use green technology to promote sustainable digital innovation .
Hideyuki Narita, Vice President, Development Center, Sony Semiconductor Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

In the first phase after the program was launched, applications from 15 companies from all walks of life were received. After a joint selection by Microsoft Labs and Sony,Hanshow Technology, Changguan Technology, Yishi TechnologyThe three companies stood out, were empowered by the joint technologies of Microsoft and Sony, and completed the testing and development of solutions. Hideyuki Narita, Vice President of Development Center of Sony Semiconductor Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. said: “In a market like China that is rapidly moving towards diversification, digitization and intelligence,Sony hopes to help more excellent local partners perceive and discover new business needs, create leading industry solutions, and comprehensively assist in the smart upgrade of all walks of life.

Zhuang Yitang, Head of AI+ Product Line of Hanshow Technology
Changguan Technology CEO Jiang Zhenhong
Ma Xiaoding, founder of Yishi Technology

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