The thirteenth month that used to make us richer at Christmas is now often used to pay off debts

Over 33 million Italians are preparing to collect the thirteenth month. That is, the so-called Christmas bonus which in the past allowed many families to take advantage of a double salary for shopping in the shops right under the holidays. And also to prepare large tables for lunches and dinners with many relatives and friends.

Nowadays, on the other hand, the thirteenth month, in whole or in part, often vanishes to recover from debts and late payments. From the electricity or gas bill that has already expired. Going through the mortgage payment with the bank. An installment to be paid in order not to run the risk of going from arrears to insolvency.

The thirteenth that made us richer at Christmas is now just a distant memory

Having said that, the gross amount of thirteenths for 2022 will amount to almost 47 billion euros in accordance with the surveys by the association of craftsmen of the CGIA of Mestre. With the workers and pensioners involved who are 33.9 million. Precisely, 17.8 million employees and 16.1 million retirees. With the latter who will be the first to take the thirteenth month as early as next December 1, 2022.

The thirteenth month that made us richer is unfortunately behind us for many families. In other words, compared to the past, the Christmas bonus will not be entirely spent on consumption and gifts during the Christmas holidays. For example, even those with a medium-high income these days will use all or part of the thirteenth month to comply with the tax authorities. Going to pay the balance of the IMU due for the holiday home.

What to get for Christmas 2022 between groceries and technological gadgets

In line with a trend that has now been going on in Italy for a few years now, the trend relating to strictly useful Christmas gifts should also be confirmed for Christmas 2022. Starting from groceries, passing through technological gadgets that are always welcome. Not only smartphones and tablets, but also Fitness Trackers and smart home speakers.

For the little ones, toys will clearly be the masters. While between adults the exchange of Christmas gifts often involves books, shoes, clothing, accessories and also, just as often, items and products for personal care. Just as there are those who at Christmas 2022, to make no mistake, will directly give away vouchers. Which will then be spendable online on the main e-commerce portals.

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