The three tests that Apple uses to select its employees

  • In 2021, Apple’s workforce was made up of 154 thousand workers.

  • America is the brand’s largest regional market, registering net sales of 51.5 billion dollars.

  • The California company is the largest technology company in the world with revenues of 215 thousand 639 million dollars in 2016.

The technology industry is one of the most millionaire and acclaimed in the world, that is why people want to be part of any of the brands that make life in this sector. This is the case of Apple, one of the companies that is recognized worldwide for the development and application of innovative technologies thanks to the employees it has and who are selected using three special tests.

Apple is undoubtedly one of the most important companies in the world when it comes to technology, and according to data from your annual report, The California company is the largest technology company in the world with revenues of 215,639 million dollars in 2016 and profits of 53,400 million dollars. In fact, it is the most valuable company in the world, with a market capitalization of more than 600,000 million.

Given these data, it is important to highlight that this company records, in the last decade, it has quadrupled its number of employees, and according to the data provided in its tax report, in 2021 its workforce was made up of 154 thousand full-time workers.

Apple’s key to selecting its employees

Apple is one of the companies with the highest positioning in the world market, which is why the company receives a large number of applications for a single position.

Given that, Apple found a way to greatly reduce the sheer volume of people who want to try to be part of the company’s workforce community, through three robust tests during interviews.

1- Social evaluation prior to the start of the interview

According to various versions of recruiters, candidates for a position at Apple are evaluated as soon as the pre-interview video call begins for a period of approximately 10 minutes.

However, a little over a minute before the job interview begins, the recruiter will ask a series of “icebreaker” questions. But although it may seem like a strange practice, they are part of the evaluation, as they serve to find out how the candidate responds to trivial questions, how comfortable he feels answering them and how respectful or respectful he is when he does so.

2- Presentation of questions in an open forum

Another test that the company founded by Steve Jobs carries out are group interviews, with the aim of not only eliminating the waste of time involved in doing them one by one, but also that this way of making the selection allows the behavior of the group to be taken into account. candidates in groups.

During this stage of the interviews, the questions are addressed to everyone equally and, therefore, can be answered in any specific order.

In this sense, the data that comes out of this step can give the recruiter an idea of ​​how the candidate will develop when carrying out a brainstorming session (contribution of ideas from several people in a group to have only one in the end and start a Project).

3- The evolution of group dynamics

The last test is from the beginning of the interviews, where Apple recruiters could see a change in the attitude of the applicants who went from answering questions of little relevance, to competing with others for the same position within the company.

This allows the company to see which people have an attitude more in line with the team that they could join, so by evaluating how they perform both in relaxed environments and in competition for the position, it has been possible to know how they act. the applicants and how their contributions would be in groups.

And so, as these tests are what allow companies like Apple not only to be part of the group of most successful companies, but also to better choose their employees who, thanks to them, are in the place they remain today.

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