The ‘Tiger’ called his compatriots ‘jammers’ to sell the history that Arabs, Egyptians and others want, but nobody has stamped it

From the serve we are carnecita… Here there is no love for the country, much less nostalgia, but above all, no proposals from other countries. So it’s time we didn’t eat the toad and all the stories and tangos. I understand the soccer system, how it moves, but don’t let them catch us by giles. They warn me that the ‘Tiger‘ called some of his compatriots ‘jammers’ to tell them to sell the story that Arabs, Egyptians and others want, but the only truth is that no one has stamped it. That is customary when you are about to renew or sign to raise your price. Let them also evaluate that we qualified for Russia with three table points and that a selection of bakers eliminated us from Qatar. Almost all of Peru loves him and I respect him, but clear things…

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The parents of the brewer’s chato renew marriage vows

They spread the word to me that in July a tone with cumbia and chelas is coming. It will be in Trujillo and the reason is that the parents of the flat brewer they renew marriage vows and he will be in charge of putting together the big party. He says that he is going to escape from the ‘desert’ and all because he wants to toast on behalf of his old people. Asu mare…

They tell me that ‘Alpha and Omega‘ is the happiest to go to train early at the Lurín headquarters. They assure that the ‘veneca’ that attended him at the tap changed shifts. He stops by to see her, leave her little messages, sometimes a sweetie and that’s it. They assure that he already ‘championed’, but for work she did not see him, but now everything starts again. And it won’t be…

The ‘pitbull‘, long hand with the girls and who lives from the jewelry he inherited from his family, is in Dubai. She went following Blanquirroja and decided to stay there for a long time. The best thing he has done, because to enjoy life in that part of the world, she told her employer not to look for a team for her, because the ball was gone. Thank God!… I’m leaving, I’m a fugue.


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