The top of the basket: this actor of the film is European basketball champion

On Sunday September 18, the Blues played in the final of the European Basketball Championship against the Spaniards in Berlin. At the end of the match, the French lost to their rivals. Among them was Juancho Hernangomez, star of a Netflix film.

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The French and Spanish teams faced off this Sunday, September 18 in the grand final of the European basketball championship, which was broadcast live on M6. At the end of a rather difficult match for the Blues, the Spanish team, carried by the brothers Willy and Juancho Hernangomez, left victorious in the sports competition. If the name of this 2-meter basketball player sounds familiar to you, that’s normal! The sportsman recently appeared in a Netflix production, which had quickly climbed the ranks of the Top 10 most viewed films on the platform.

Juancho Hernangomez is one of the stars of the film The top of the basket

Last June, Netflix uploaded the sports drama The top of the basket (Hustle in VO) in which Juancho Hernangomez played Bo Cruz. Co-produced by basketball fan Adam Sandler and legend Lebron James, the film stars Stanley Sugerman, a basketball scout promoted to assistant coach by Philadelphia 76ers owner Rex Merrick (Robert Duvall). When the latter dies, his son Vince (Ben Foster) takes control of the club then sends Stanley Sugerman abroad as a recruiter and tasks him with finding the player who will allow the Sixers to win an NBA championship. In Spain, the recruiter comes across Bo Cruz, a 22-year-old father, who earns money by winning duels against local players. Fascinated by the talent and passion of this young basketball player, Stanley convinced him to play in the United States.

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Will Juancho Hernangomez continue his acting career?

If Juancho Hernangomez liked to participate in the Netflix film, he had confided to the media variety that he had no intention of continuing his acting career at the moment. “For now, my focus is on basketball, but you never know. I will never say that I will do nothing. I didn’t expect two years ago to be in a movie.” And to add: “But if Adam [Sandler] and Jeremiah [le réalisateur, ndlr] call me, I will for sure.

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