The total reversal of the TV4 profile – completely unrecognizable in the new image

Richard Söderberg

Rickard Söderberg has thrown himself into a new world – and looks completely different!

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Opera star Rickard Söderberg, 47, has appeared in a number of TV4 programs and captured the hearts of Swedes along the way.

Among other things, we have seen him in Let’s Dance, Körslaget and Hela Sverige bakar – then with his iconic look:

Rickard Söderberg in Let's Dance 2016

In 2016, Rickard Söderberg participated in Let’s Dance – then with his iconic look.

But now something has happened. The kajal and the long hair gone – for a while even the beard was smoked. At the same time, he has a new project underway.

Rickard Söderberg’s new life – as a cookbook author

In addition to the gig on TV4, Richard has competed in Melodifestivalen, sung at Allsång at Skansen and released several albums.

We have also seen him in several theater roles, including as Cinderella’s stepmother in Operreten Askungen this summer.

But now he and his husband Anders are going to throw themselves into a completely new world – the couple is publishing a recipe book.

Rickard announces this on Tuesday on Instagram:

– Publishing a recipe book with Anders has been a lovely little project, but at the same time it’s a challenge… because we have such different ways of working and such different tastes, can read, among other things.

Here we also get to see the couple in pictures and for those who haven’t seen Rickard in a while, it’s probably a bit of a shock – talk about a transformation!

Rickard Söderberg enormous transformation

Three years ago, Rickard decided to cut off the long hair that he had become so associated with.

There was a good reason behind the decision – he donated his hair to an organization that makes wigs for children with cancer, writes Entertainment life.

The shock! She will be the new profile in Nyhetsmorgon – then she will take over the studio

Since then, we have also seen less of the black kajal, and for a while he also shaved off his beard:

For the first time in a few decades, I will see what my chin really looks like. And I tremble. But all for the art… and for the role of Cinderella’s stepmother”he wrote in June to a video of his freshly shaved look.

But now the beard is back! And the Vegoketo recipe book out for sale.

Photo: TT, Instagram

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