The track is being redone – Kristian Luuk reveals big change!

On Friday, the premiere of On the Track and the new season is expected to offer a lot of surprises – and changes! Now Kristian Luuk tells.

On Friday 26 November, the immensely popular quiz show On the Track premieres. And the 14th season gets a whole new moment, while another is removed.

The conversion is expected to receive both rice and rose. Looking at previous changes in the long-distance rider, viewers have both cheered and collapsed.

– Some will probably think that it is terrible that we have removed the issue of years, says host Kristian Luuk to TT.

A new part is introduced and another smokes in On the track

In the new category “Closest wins”, the team gets to see an event on film, they must then dot out on a map where this event takes place.

– This is done with the help of refined technology from SVT’s graphic department in Växjö where you can zoom down to a few hundred meters distance if needed. We hand out three points to the one who is closest, says Kristian to the news agency.

But although some may be critical of the new episode, Luuk notes that the program had an average of 2.7 million viewers last season. And probably about as many Swedes will sit on the TV couches this year as well.

Kristian Luuk reveals – surprises in new On the track

This year’s participants also have many divided opinions about. The constellation that provoked the most reactions is Carina Bergfeldt and Marcus Oscarsson.

– We thought it was fun that they came from different channels and have a slightly different profile as political commentators. It’s a fun meeting, we tested them together and they clicked well, it felt like clockwork !, says Kristian.

And the new season is expected to offer a lot of surprises, especially from one of the teams. But Kristian does not want to reveal which couple it is about.

– I can not say which ones it is because it would “spoil” a bit, but it is a couple that is like “Huh ?! Shit, what phase happened ?!”. They are so good, both in terms of knowledge and entertainment.

Kristian Luuk about the future as host of På spåret

The pair of horses Kristian Luuk and Fredrik Lindström have kept the threads in On the track for over ten years. Kristian has previously hinted that the role of host is not something he wants to assume for any length of time, but his opinion seems to have changed.

– The problem is that the last few years for some reason have been more fun than in a long time, it “leveled” up. Maybe it has to do with the fact that we can focus on details, on making the program even better and more fun and we also notice that there is a clear trend that younger people are starting to watch the program.

Photo: Photo: Bo Håkansson / SVT, TT

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