The tragedy of Alem and the drama of the road accidents again on stage

Saturday August 21, 2021 | 21: 02hs.

With the restrictive measures of the pandemic as a preponderant factor, the statistics of road accidents with tragic balances had experienced a notable decline last year, but slowly the drama returns to the scene in 2021 and its worst side was in evidence last Sunday, after the head-on collision that left a total of four dead in Leandro N. Alem.

As the hours went by, this event became the worst traffic accident so far this year, given that the two deaths that occurred in the act had to be added two other victims who lost their lives after several days of agony in different posadeños hospitals.

The incident occurred on Sunday of last week, around 10 in the morning, on National Route 14, at kilometer 843, in the jurisdiction of the town of Alem.

A Renault Megane with five people on board, including two minors, and a Hyundai Genesis in which Dr. Orlando Darío Monteros (48), director of the Apostoles hospital, was traveling alone on that artery.

The health professional traveled in the Alem-Apóstoles direction, while the Megane traveled in the opposite direction until, for reasons that are still a matter of investigation and for this the result of the expertise is awaited, they collided head-on with such violence that one of the rolls ended up off the tarmac.

As a result of the impact, two occupants of the Megane died on the spot. They were Gisela Belén Maidana (26) and Manuel Omar Sosa (27).

For his part, the driver of the shooting, Darío Marcos Sosa (29), his son Marcos Gael (7) and his niece Olga Isabel (8), were injured, although the worst part was taken by the girl who remained hospitalized in serious condition of health until Thursday occurred his death in the pediatric hospital of Posadas and became the third fatal victim of the accident.

A day later, meanwhile, Dr. Monteros was added to the black list, who was fighting for his life in the Madariaga hospital as a result of the injuries suffered in the same event and the tragic balance finally rose to four.

Motorcyclists represent 51.3% of the deaths so far this year in Misiones.

The balance of 2021

With this, the number of deaths in traffic accidents registered in Misiones so far in 2021 amounted to 115, according to the survey that El Territorio prepares year after year based on police reports.

From the statistics of this morning it is also clear that of the total deaths so far this year, 59 of them were motorcyclists (representing 51.3%), 36 were motorists (31.3%) and 18 they were pedestrians (15.6%). Cyclists and / or drivers enter the remaining balance.

In the geographical analysis of the data, it is observed that the Capital department concentrates the highest number of fatalities with 18 cases (15 in Posadas and 3 in Garupá), followed by Oberá with 14 (4 in Los Helechos, 4 in Panambí, 4 in Campo Viera and 2 in Oberá) and Guaraní with 9 (5 in San Vicente, 3 in El Soberbio and 1 in Guaraní).

Finally, of the 115 deaths registered in the current year, 32 occurred as a result of accidents that occurred in streets or avenues. It is followed by National Route 14 with 25 fatal cases and National Route 12 with 18.

Before the collision of the Alem tragedy, the accident with the worst consequences that had been registered during 2021 in the province was the loss of a Chevrolet Corsa in San Pedro.

The incident occurred on February 28 on National Route 14 and three of the five occupants who were in the car died as a result of the injuries suffered.

Comparisons with 2020 and 2019

Highlighted with the data collected during the past year, there is a significant increase in the number of fatalities resulting from road accidents in the province.

As to have a frame of reference, it can be analyzed that on July 22 of last year Misiones registered 63 deaths, while on that same date but in 2021 there were already 93 fatalities, reaching rates similar to that of 2019, that is, in prepandemic times.

In general terms, it should be mentioned that 2020 ended with 148 deaths, while in less than nine months of 2021 the number of fatalities already reaches 115 cases.

It is also key to contextualize that 2019 had culminated with a total record of 197 deaths as a result of road accidents in the red land and that figure had been the lowest since 2009.

The negative record, meanwhile, was recorded in 2012, when the death toll on the roads and streets of Misiones reached an impressive 289 victims.

Yesterday, another health official starred in a road accident in Capioví and a woman struggles to survive.

Health official in another serious collision

Yesterday afternoon, another serious road accident took place on National Route 12 and involved the director of the Puerto Rico hospital and a woman who is now fighting for her life.

Police sources indicated that the event took place around 3 p.m., on the aforementioned national artery, near the access to the Loteo de Capioví neighborhood.

At that point, a Citroen C4 Lounge car and a Volkswagen Gol collided head-on. The first vehicle was under the command of Joel Cibils, director of the Puerto Rico area hospital, while the other vehicle was driven by Marta Hilda S. (39), who resulted in several serious injuries and had to be admitted to intensive care in the Samic of Eldorado.

Regarding the state of the health portfolio official, it was reported that he was unharmed, so the alcotest was performed, yielding a negative result.

Personnel from the Scientific Police Division carried out rigorous work on the route and on the cars involved to try to determine the mechanics of the accident. Volunteer firefighters and police gave support by clearing the road and ordering the traffic that at that time was intense.

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