The transparent customer: Faster to more sales with MS Viva Sales

Viva Sales is the name of Microsoft’s new sales application. Its purpose is to collect all the information available about a customer and make it available to the seller in one place. It is based on Viva, which the group introduced in early 2021; With the application, those responsible should be able to collect all data about their employees internally.

Sales is based on Microsoft 365 and Teams. If customer information is stored here, the sales department does not have to search for it – or can even access it for the first time. The announcement underlines that companies benefit directly from a comprehensive view of the customer: Employees should be able to speed up the sales process and close more sales.

But the management in sales should also get a better insight into their employees. In all places – for example Excel, Outlook or Teams – users should be able to store information and assign customers. These data records, which are constantly compiled by Viva Sales, can also be used and shared in other applications.

In the same way, the sales department can see during a conversation, for example, where a potential customer is in the purchasing process, what they have already dealt with and which steps are missing for a successful conclusion. Viva Sales suggests the latter itself: a so-called AI should automatically make suitable suggestions to the employee.

All information about Viva Sales can be found in the Announcement by Microsoft. It is the first separate application for Viva; the latter is intended to generally increase the well-being of all employees by monitoring.

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