The Trinity Fusion roguelite is announced on video

A roguelite moreover, as Virgil would say, nice new roguelite could we retort. If the genre doesn’t seem to have fallen into disuse over the past ten years, it’s good that it has found a loyal audience, inclined to test variations of a well-known formula. Trinity Fusion will probably not be a revolution according to the video that we can see, and especially not a graphic revolution. There you have to save a dying multiverse by traveling through three distinct worlds, one made of caves controlled by mutants, the second a forge world controlled by machines, and the last a sky world without a trace of humanity.

So many biomes that correspond to three distinct characters, each with their own traits and weapons. Angry Mob Games also promises to inject all its fighting game experience into this project, with a nervous and fast game system where you can slide, dasher and dodge, juggle enemies with grapples, while knocking them out in close combat or from a distance.

Much like some roguelite landmarks and in particular Rogue Legacy, levels will be made up of rooms hand-created by the developers, but laid out procedurally.

The game will soon arrive in closed beta before a scheduled release next year on Steam and various yet-to-be-announced consoles.

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