The truth about Ingrid Alexandra’s new tiara – linked to Estelle

Princess Ingrid Alexandra’s new tiara is brooding on a secret.

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Princess Ingrid Alexandra has crossed the sacred royal tiara border! This is how she stands and shines in the magnificent upper hall of the castle in Oslo – wearing the first tiara of her 18-year-old life.

The beginner tiara!

Photo: Ida Bjørvik / The Royal Court

There was a lot of speculation about which she would choose – a family heirloom or something cool and newly designed? Now we have the answer: It became a beloved family tiara with diamonds and shimmering pearls – and it has an unexpected connection to Princess Estelle.

Ingrid Alexandra’s new diadem is as Swedish as it can get! And it gives a hint of how Crown Princess Victoria might choose when it’s time for Princess Estelle in just eight years.

So far, Estelle is cheating with a little pretend diadem.

Photo: Thron Ullberg / The Royal Courts of Justice

Ingrid Alexandra’s new diadem once belonged to her grandfather’s grandmother Princess Ingeborg – and hold on now: She was married to Estelle’s grandfather’s great – uncle Prince Carl – and got it from her husband 122 years ago.

Europe’s royalty celebrates Ingrid Alexandra

Last night, Princess Ingrid Alexandra was celebrated by the Norwegian government with a big gala dinner at Oslo’s pride, the shiny new parade library, but without the tiara on.

Ingrid Alexandra was dressed in the clearest white and received good support from her family.

Photo: TT

But tonight it’s a sharp situation! King Harald and Queen Sonja have a big gala dinner at the castle for their granddaughter, Norway’s heir to the throne and future queen. And then the tiara will sit like a slap on the evening’s main character Ingrid Alexandra.

This will also be something very special, as the entire Swedish Crown Princess family is in place – and as 10-year-old Estelle and 6-year-old Oscar will go to a gala dinner for the first time in their young lives.

Ingrid Alexandra at a tuxedo dinner last night.

Lise Åserud / TT

– It means a lot to me that Princess Ingrid Alexandra has received this piece of jewelry. Grandma and grandpa visited the world exhibition in Paris in 1900 and then grandpa bought the tiara for grandma, says Ingrid’s great-aunt Princess Astrid.

She also says that Prince Carl saw the tiara in the French jewelery company Boucheron’s stand and struck – because it was so easy to carry.

Princess Ingrid Alexandra’s new tiara! An intricate beauty with diamonds and pearls set in platinum.

Photo: Ida Bjørvik / The Royal Court

King Harald’s sister Princess Ragnhild then inherited the tiara when Ingeborg passed away and Ingrid Alexandra received it as an 18 – year present from Ragnhild’s children. Something that has been decided for a long time: It was Ragnhild’s wish that Ingrid Alexandra would get it.

Photo: Ida Bjørvik / The Royal Court

King Harald’s Swedish mother Märtha at a gala dinner at Waldorf-Astoria in New York in 1939 – in the tiara that Ingrid Alexandra has now received.

Photo: Norwegian Court

Photo: Ida Bjørvik / The Royal Court, The Royal Collections, TT.

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