The truth about Sofia and Madeleine – this is what their relationship looks like today

This is how the princesses really think of each other.

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Princess Sofia, 37, has officially been part of the royal family since 2015 when she and Prince Carl Philip, 43, were married in a beautiful ceremony in the Palace Church in Stockholm.

When Sofia and Carl Philip first became a couple in 2010, it was rumored that Sofia and Princess Madeleine, 40, were not very fond of each other.

But what does their relationship really look like today?

Madeleine appeared without Chris at the Solliden session

Victoria’s birthday was celebrated with pomp and circumstance on Öland earlier this summer. The night before the big day, country queen Jill Johnson invited a show at Solliden sessions.

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Of course, the royal family was in the audience, but Madeleine’s husband, Chris O’Neill, 48, made up for his absence. Instead, Madeleine was joined by Prince Daniel, 48, and Princess Sofia.

This is what the relationship between Madeleine and Sofia looks like today

As mentioned, there were some rumors that there was a falling out between Sofia and Madeleine when Sofia and Carl Philip began their relationship.

One explanation must be that Madeleine had a very close relationship with Carl Philip’s former girlfriend, Emma Pernald, 42.

Whether or not the rumors were true remains unclear, but what is certain is that the princesses’ relationship has not only survived the rumors – it has grown stronger.

Sofia’s great joy – now they can meet again!

According to The Express so today they have a warm relationship and enjoy each other’s company. They also help each other with the children and in May it was revealed that the prince couple planned to live together with Madeleine and Chris during the summer on Öland.

The princesses’ smiles on Victoria Day

Chris O’Neill didn’t just miss the Solliden sessions, he missed everything to do with the celebration of Victoria. Madeleine, however, seemed to have had fun anyway and was seen side by side with Sofia during large parts of Victoria Day.

Among other things, the princesses were seen happily conversing with each other when they arrived at the Victoria concert in the Borgholm castle ruins and later during the concert they sat and smiled broadly next to each other in the audience.

So lovely to see Madeleine and Sofia hanging out and that we can put the boring rumors behind us!

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