The truth about the closure of Malou after ten – not everything is as it seems

Many thought that the last episode of Malou after ten was broadcast on Tuesday. But now it turns out that this is not true.

After the commercial: Here is Malou von Siver’s TV4 career


On Tuesday, May 10, the last episode of Malou aired after ten, after a full 16 years and 32 seasons.

The reason why the program closes is that the host Malou von Sivers, 69, received another job offer, which she could not refuse. This was announced by the host himself in a personal feature of TV4 in January.

– This will be the last season with Malou after ten in the form it has been and I have received an offer of something I really want to do, to resume Malou meets, but in a new way, Malou said then.

– An interview program that TV4 lacks today and the start will be the party leaders this autumn as part of our election campaign on TV4.

The confusion surrounding TV4’s decision – Malou after ten does not disappear from the box

Something that has created confusion, however, is that this was not the end for Malou after ten on TV.

It turns out that TV4 will broadcast old episodes of the program all week and also next week, which also Happened has reported on.

This is, in other words, happy news for anyone who loves the program!

Malou’s emotional words about the ending: “Sleeps badly”

A few days ago, Malou opened up about the feelings before the program will end, for Jenny Alversjö in Nyhetsmorgon.

– Now I sleep badly and think a lot about this divorce. I’m a child of divorce, so I’ve like that very close to my heart, she said then.

– But I try to remind myself that I have actually decided this myself and that it is precisely because it is a new door that has been opened and I will do something else later after Malou after ten.

The interview program Malou meets, which was also broadcast between 1995 and 2017, will premiere this autumn.

We look forward to that, and wish you all the best for Malou!

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