The truth was known: Barby Franco spoke of his relationship with the daughters of Fernando Burlando

Years go by and the relationship between Barby Franco and Fernando Burlando seems more and more consolidated, or at least that is what we can induce from each of the statements that they themselves make. It is a fact that there is an excellent bond between them, but on few occasions she referred to what happens with her partner’s daughters, until today. On her friend Pampita’s show, the dancer played the theme to reveal how she gets along with them.

In the cycle that is broadcast on, the fight between Nicole Neumann and Mica Viciconte is discussed over the alleged mistreatment of Fabin Cubero’s current partner with one of their daughters. At one point, the host of the cycle stated: “The limits are always for everyone. They are treated as their own children, with challenges and with love, pampering and everything.” It was there that participant of “Shomatch: La Academia” made a hilarious comment. “And if you are the same age? That is what interests us. Should I set limits?” Barby Franco.

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