The TV4 profile’s shock message: Leaving Sweden’s master chef – viewers despaired

This was unexpected to say the least.

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It is said that everything has an end.

Now the popular presenter Markus Aujalay has decided not to continue in TV4’s “Mästerkocken” program. He confirms this himself on Instagram.

Aujalay has been involved for twelve years and quickly became a popular figure in the channel’s food venture.

“12 seasons of Sweden’s Master Chef 3 seasons of Sweden’s Youngest Master Chef 1 season of Decades’ Master Chef 2 seasons of Sweden’s Master Chef VIP 6 seasons of After Closing”, he writes emotionally and then continues:

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The TV4 profile’s shock announcement – leaving the program entirely

“Time to say thanks for me. A long and fantastic time but many wonderful employees and participants. It was a few hours anyway…”

Markus Aujalay has been involved since the start in 2011. In the beginning, he sat on the original jury together with Per Morberg and Leif Mannerström. In recent seasons, the latter two have disappeared from the picture and instead TV4 has replaced them with Mischa Billing and Tom Sjöstedt.

But Markus Aujalay will not disappear from the box immediately. He will be there when the new season of “Sweden’s Master Chef VIP” starts this Monday.

But then it ends.

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