The ultra-offensive alba formation for Superclassic 190

Gustavo Quinteros is already beginning to define what will be his eleventh for the 190th edition of Superclásico between Colo Colo and Universidad de Chile, a duel that It is only three days away and it will be played at El Teniente de Rancagua.

For this meeting the Santa Fe coach He does not want to keep anything and for that he will go with the best that he has available, making an important decision in that sense: Go out to play without the presence of youth in the starting team.

The albos are not pressured in that matter, since They are one of the teams with the highest number of youth minutes on the court in this tournament, so you can save them for this important duel on Sunday.

With that in consideration Quinteros seeks to bet on a team full of experience in this kind of game and with many players with tasks in attack. The white strategist wants offensive power and for that he will put all the meat on the grill.

The presence of Gabriel Costa in the white midfield from the start is almost a fact, being the link for the trident up front composed of Bolados, Morales and Solari, who will be responsible for making a year for the rival defense on the Rancagua field.

The Cacique has three more training sessions to define his training. | Photo: Guillermo Salazar.

In this way the eleventh of the Cacique for this Sunday will be with Brayan Cortes under the three sticks; Óscar Opazo, Maximiliano Falcón, Emiliano Amor and Gabriel Suazo in defence; César Fuentes, Leonardo Gi and Gabriel Costa in the midfield; Marcos Bolados, Iván Morales and Pablo Solari in attack.

Albos and azul will play under the arbitration of Roberto Tobar this Sunday, September 26 at El Teniente de Rancagua starting at 4:30 p.m. and you can follow him LIVE and MINUTE BY MINUTE by DaleAlbo.

Yes, but there is a lot of tournament left

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