The unexpected character who says goodbye forever to “Soñar Contigo”

“Dream about you” is one of the telenovelas that, at present, has allowed Telefe to obtain the good number of ratings that it currently has and has even managed to become the leader in its time slot with a solid 9 on average.

The love seen between Sanem (Demet Özdemir, in real life) and Can Divit (Can Yaman, in real life) has managed to reach many viewers who consider this program one of the best Turkish novels of the moment. But it is important to remember that the couple of “Dream about you” She is not the only one who has stolen hearts in fiction.

Can and Demet have become the most beloved couple on Turkish television.

Other lovebirds that have also come to conquer the viewers of “Dream about you” Without a doubt, they are Leyla and Emre, who stole attention in several chapters due to the love trio they lived before, finally, formalizing their relationship.

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