The unexpected surprise that “Züleyha” gave Telefe

Ever since “Runaway” went off the air, “Züleyha” has taken its throne to consecrate itself as the most watched Turkish telenovela of the moment, although what few expected is that this production would surpass other programs on Argentine television that promised to be the success of the year.

It should be noted that, in general, Middle Eastern fictions have caught on very well with the public, especially “Züleyha” and “Fugitive” for proposing another type of story, since both knew how to handle the right touch of love, revenge and mystery.

With 11 rating points, “Züleyha” was crowned Telefe’s star soap opera.

Telefe, the channel in charge of transmitting “Züleyha” in Argentina, it has not had a very good moment since “Fugitiva” and “La Voz Argentina” went off the air, since its replacements (“Genesis” and “Who is the Mask?”) have not achieved a good acceptance by the public.

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