The United States has "successful" an operation against "significant target within al-Qaeda"

US President Joe Biden is due to speak overnight Monday to Tuesday about a “successful counterterrorism operation”, according to the White House.

The United States carried out over the weekend a “counter-terrorism operation against a major target within al-Qaeda” in Afghanistan. According to several sources, cited in particular by the Associated Press agency, the washington post and Sky News, Ayman Al-Zawahiri, leader of the terrorist organization, was reportedly killed by a CIA drone strike. Information that has not been confirmed at this stage by the White House.

“The operation was successful and caused no civilian casualties,” a senior US administration official told reporters.

Joe Biden’s speech tonight

President Joe Biden is scheduled to speak overnight Monday-Tuesday about a “successful counterterrorism operation,” according to the White House, which did not provide further details.

This announcement comes almost a year after the chaotic withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan, which had allowed the Taliban to regain control of the country twenty years later.

The United States had also announced in mid-July that it had killed the leader of the Islamic State (IS) group in Syria, Maher al-Agal, during a drone strike, an operation which had “considerably weakened the capacity of the ‘ISIS to prepare, fund and conduct its operations in the region,’ a US military spokesman said.

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