The University of Strasbourg will close 15 additional days this winter to save energy

To lower its energy bill, the University of Strasbourg has unveiled a drastic measure. It announced on Monday September 19 the closure of its buildings two weeks longer than planned this winter.

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The first week of January will be a week of administrative closure, which will lead to four additional days off at Christmas for students, explains the daily “ the latest news from Alsace “. Students will therefore resume classes on Monday January 9, instead of January 2.

A second week of closure will occur during the February school holidays, depending on the buildings and activities. The faculty will not, however, be at a standstill. Staff will carry out their activities from home, working remotely. For students, the recovery will take place one week remotely.

Rising energy prices

“Recent developments confirm this significant upward trend for both gas and electricity. This will inevitably have consequences on our energy bill.”justified to France-3 Great East Michel Deneken, the president of the university. With the increase in the price of energy, the bill for the faculty would double, going from 10 to 20 million euros out of a total budget of nearly 600 million.

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In its energy sobriety plan, the faculty of Strasbourg has also planned to limit the use of heating over time and to maintain it at 19°C in the buildings.

These announcements, and in particular the closure of the university for two weeks, caused the unions to react, pointing out the risks that teleworking can pose to students. The staff representatives asked in particular for transparency to be made on the savings actually made by these measures.

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