The UNLP will pay a bonus of $ 5,000 to non-teachers along with the Christmas bonus

University workers will receive a bonus of 5,000 pesos in December, only once and as an exception, along with the half bonus. This was agreed by the authorities of the UNLP in response to the demand of the Association of Workers of the National University of La Plata (ATULP), which in a statement said that they will continue to “manage benefits for comrades in the framework of a complex year and face to the end of the year parties “.

This Tuesday Raul Archuby, as secretary of ATULP, and Mercedes Molteni, representing the University, signed the agreement agreement 03/21 to seal the commitment.

The measure is known in the midst of a growing economic crisis and the arrival of the end of the year festivities, where unions tend to try to repair the acquisitive loss of wages in the face of the start of a new year.

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