The Uno x Uno albo in this Superclassic 190

Colo Colo beat without problems University of Chile 3-1 at the El Teniente de Rancagua stadium in the Superclassic 190 of Chilean football where the team led by Gustavo Quinteros showed a very good game in all its lines and even, the score was meager for everything that was seen on the field.

Brayan Cortes: Sure in the few approaches that the Blues had and very well in the air game. He received yellow at 27 minutes for delaying the game and at the end of the first half he was very sure before a shot from Gonzalo Espinoza. In the complement he did not have much work and in the university goal little and could not do anything.

Oscar Opazo: He showed a good offensive game in the first minutes and formed good pairs with Gabriel Costa and Marcos Bolados. In the defensive part, he had no problems, since the U did not attack from his side. In the complement it was somewhat more complicated in the brand, but in offense it was key, since after a great play the third goal was born.

Maximiliano Falcón: He showed his claw and security in defense. He annulled Joaquín Larrivey in the first half. In the second half it was a bit more complicated on the mark, especially in the first 10 minutes of the complement, but later, it was affirmed.

Emiliano Amor: Another that was solid in the Larrivey brand and always won by air. Like Falcón, he looked more complicated in the second half, but he was sure. He received yellow card in the play prior to the blue goal.

Gabriel Suazo: In the first approach down the left sector, he made a difference, since the scoring was opened after a pass to Marcos Bolados. Well on the mark, since the U tried to generate play on his side. In the second period he maintained his good game. Good game from the captain of the Cacique.

Leonardo Gil: Tired friction in the middle of the field, since the blue players constantly looked for him. He was always calm and playing a very good game. In the second half he raised his level even more and was one of the high points of the game.

Cesar Fuentes: Good complement for Gil and safe on the brand. He took over the midfield and annulled the U players. He was the engine of the team in the middle of the field, supported in defense and showed an excellent game.

Pablo Solari: They looked for the Kid a lot, but with his speed he drove the rivals crazy. Another of the high points, each ball ran and always generated danger in the rival. He ended up exhausted and was replaced by Ignacio Jara.

Colo Colo passes over the U. (Photo: Guillermo Salazar)

Gabriel Costa: The best of Colo Colo. Quick, smart to play, well on the mark and above all, putting pressure on the opponent at the start. Very good game of the Peruvian team. In the second half he wasted a few chances and left the court with some physical problems with his knee.

Hefty Milestones: He converted the first goal in the first clear play he had in front of goal. He made a good pair with Opazo for the right sector and always generated danger in the rival rear. Little by little he lowered his game, but he maintained a good level and was replaced by Joan Cruz.

Ivan Morales: The Cacique’s scorer had a chance, but he couldn’t define well. He was key in Cacique’s second goal by rushing Ramón Arias, who finally scored the own goal. If the settlement improves, it will be a great scorer in the Eternal Champion.

Vicente Pizarro: He entered at 69 minutes of the complement and was clear in his game. He enabled Morales in a very good way, who did not define well. Good minutes of the youth of the Cacique.

Joan Cruz: It was difficult for him to find the rhythm of the game and something erratic entered. Then he got better and ended up playing well.

Ignacio Jara: Few minutes on the court, but they were enough to score his first goal in a Superclásico. He celebrated it with everything after a great play by “Torta” Opazo.

Javier Parraguez: Few minutes on the court and always with his back to the goal.

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