The US denounced that the drones that Iran delivers to the Middle East militias come from China

Drones exhibited by the Houthis, supported by the Persian regime

The United States denounced the military drones that Iran distributes to the militias it supports in the Middle East come from chinawhose authorities turn a blind eye to this arms trade.

“They are not provided by the State, but the State does not try to restrict that flow”explained Barbara A. Leaf, Under Secretary of State for Near East Affairs, in a presentation before the US Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, focused on China’s role in the Middle East.

“In some way, they are getting away with the murders,” Leaf accused, since Tehran supports different militias and terrorist groups in the region with these weapons. That, she opined, should be a burden on security relations between China and other Arab countries affected by these organizations.

Hezbollah drone, supported by Iran
Hezbollah drone, supported by Iran

He also pointed out that Beijing has acted directly against stability in the region through its links with Iran or Syria.

Regarding the role of the United States and the strategic vision, he indicated that Washington seeks to prevent the increase of the influence of other powers in the area. “We are not going to leave a vacuum for China, Russia or Iran to fill. I would not want China to take the role that we have had for 80 years in securing the pathways and flow of energy trade,” she added. “For decades we have worked to prevent conflict and terrorism from affecting stability, prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and ensure the security of our closest allies.”

As he explained, the US has three concerns about the rising role of China: China’s unfair practices for the course of investments, such as the acquisition of key infrastructure; Xi Jinping’s increased economic relations with other countries, which can be used coercively; and the potential for economic relations to become defense relations.

While he said that currently the growing relationship between Iran and China does not represent a military threat, he indicated that “It is definitely not a good thing for the region.” In addition, he said that Beijing could be more constructive towards Iran, “but chooses not to be,” noting that it is not putting pressure on negotiations to revive the nuclear deal.

The official also expressed concern about Huawei’s developments and contracts in Middle Eastern countries.

As he stated, China’s trade in the region increased from USD 15.2 billion in 2000 to USD 284 billion in 2021, largely driven by the energy sector. By comparison, US trade rose from just $63.4 billion to $98.4 billion in the same period, The National News reported.


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