The UTA announced a total stoppage of buses: what is going to happen in La Plata and the AMBA?

The drivers of short and medium distance buses announced the realization of a total strike in the interior of the country starting at 0 this Friday. The workers enrolled in the UTA who promote the strike want their salaries to be equated with those of the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires (AMBA), where La Plata is also located; that already had increases.

“The AMBA will work normally,” explained the union secretary of the UTA La Plata, Rubén Landa, in dialogue with and thus confirmed that the measure will not have scope in the city. However, high compliance is expected in the interior of the country.

“We are not going to allow wages below inflation. That is why we have resolved a 24-hour stoppage of activities for all short and medium distance passenger transport workers in the interior of the country,” they indicated in the union through a statement that bears the signature of the secretary general Roberto Fernandez and in which a total stoppage of activities is called starting at 0 next Friday.

Workers are protesting wage differences and demanding the same increase that occurred in the metropolitan region. “We have not had any response to the salary request made in the Ministry of Labor of the Nation, without having any kind of certainties regarding the salary increases claimed”they added in the brief.

“We were clear in our request, we intend for the workers of the interior the same salary increase that has been agreed more than a month ago with our colleagues from the AMBA. The workers’ times have run out without reaching an agreement that contemplates our legitimate interests “they added. Despite the protest, they announced that they are willing to resume the dialogue with the public transport companies to try to reach a solution and in case of obtaining positive responses before Friday they will annul the announced measure of force.

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