The viewers rage against Tilde – after the situation with Kikki Danielsson

The viewers saw red after the last episode of Tilde.

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Tilde de Paula Eby, 49, has appeared on TV4 for many years. Among other things in Nyhetsmorgon, Let’s Dance and Efter Fem.

Last year she got her own talk show, which was briefly called Tilde, where she meets Swedish celebrities.

A lot of popular profiles have visited Tilde during the summer. In the latest episode, it was Kikki Danielsson, 70, Petra Mede, 52, Kristian Luuk, 56, and the singer Lionman, 22, who came to visit.

Kikki Danielsson on celebrity: “I’m a little tired of it”

Kikki Danielsson is an incredibly popular artist with a solid career behind him. Right now, she is current with the book “You know nothing about me” where she writes openly about her innermost thoughts.

The viewers are furious – after the behavior of the profile in TV4

– I’m a bit tired of this, that everyone out there thinks they know everything about me, and they don’t. So I thought it was very appropriate, says Kikki about the book in the program.

She also thinks she knows why she has become so popular among the Swedish people over the years.

– I feel that. Someone in the audience said she likes me because “she’s like us”. I bake and sew curtains, in the past, not now, she says.

The anger after the situation with Kikki Danielsson

The viewers undeniably appreciated hearing about Kikki’s career but one thing made them see red.

They were disappointed that Kikki got far too little time in the box and took to TV4’s Facebook to express their displeasure, something Happened was the first to report.

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“Kicki is a fantastic person who unfortunately got far too little time in the program. She has ‘it’ that many people lack. She has depth and stands up for herself in all situations! Tilde, you focus on the wrong people,” writes a viewer and is supported by another:

“Agree with everyone who wishes Kicki could have had more time. It seems to be the case in every program that someone gets hurt. It would be better with fewer guests so everyone got the same amount of attention.”

One viewer is so disappointed that he boycotts the program.

“I have decided to stop watching now. Kicki Danielsson is not allowed to talk to the point. Maybe this should be reviewed,” writes the dissatisfied viewer.

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