The vivo X90 series is officially released, using a self-developed chip

The vivo X90 series is officially released. As the beginning of the new decade of the vivo X series, the X90 series is not only the pinnacle of imaging performance, but also a model of design. Not only is it fully upgraded in terms of performance, system, audio-visual effects, etc.; it also brings an image experience beyond imagination with a comprehensively improved dual-core computing power, self-developed image algorithm, and industry-leading optical devices; with both heritage and originality The unique product design language establishes the aesthetic order of the X series. Be above the flagship, even better than the flagship.

The vivo X90 series released this time includes three models: X90, X90 Pro and X90 Pro+, with many original and self-developed technologies and functions. For example, MediaTek’s new generation flagship platform Dimensity 9200, self-developed chip V2, BOE Super Retina Eye Protection Screen and Samsung 2K E6 Super Sensation Eye Protection Screen, IMX758 sensor, VCS IMX866 sensor and other leading configurations, launched China Red, Original Black, Ice Blue There are four fashionable colors, black and black, and the price starts from 3699 yuan. The X90 will be officially launched on November 30, and the X90 Pro and X90 Pro+ will be officially launched on December 6.

In pursuit of more professional portrait performance, vivo X90 Pro+ launched the “Zeiss Dual Focal Portrait Lens”. Among them, the 50mm fixed-focus master camera adopts the world-originated and deeply customized IMX758 sensor, which has the characteristics of super large aperture, super high pixel, and super large amount of light, making the color and skin texture of the portrait more delicate. The 90mm medium telephoto portrait lens is good at creating a sense of space compression and out-of-focus blur, especially suitable for humanistic street photography, giving users a wider creative space and allowing the photographer to maintain a natural distance from the subject, creating the vivo X90 Pro+ The ultimate portrait.

vivo X90 Pro+ supports 14bit SuperRaw and video Log mode functions, providing professional photographers with material quality with more room for post-processing. At the same time, vivo X90 Pro+ also supports Dolby Vision HDR video shooting to meet the shooting needs of multiple scenes. On this basis, vivo X90 Pro+ can also realize the full ecological and complete experience of Dolby Vision video, bringing the full workflow of Dolby Vision from shooting to display to editing, and creating real and vivid HDR videos with a single mobile phone screen.

X90 Pro+ is the world’s first Samsung 2K E6 super-sensing eye protection screen, using a new generation of E6 luminescent materials, with a local peak brightness of 1800nit, and supports XDR and Dolby Vision. Vivo helps optimize the touch delay through the self-developed V-sync technology. The vivo X90 series brings a more powerful fast charging and battery life experience. The battery capacities of the X90, X90 Pro, and X90 Pro+ are 4810mAh equivalent, 4870mAh equivalent, and 4700mAh equivalent, respectively. Among them, the X90 and X90 Pro use dual-cell 120W wired flash charging, which can be charged to 50% in 8 minutes. The X90 Pro and X90 Pro+ support 50W wireless flash charging.

In terms of heat dissipation, the entire vivo X90 series is equipped with an ultra-wide-area ice sheet heat dissipation system. In order to assist the advanced computational photography system to dissipate heat, the VC vapor chamber area of ​​X90 Pro+ has reached an unprecedented 8900mm2, which can cool the camera module in the whole scene and have a stronger heat dissipation capacity.

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