„The Voice of Germany“ – Voting-Panne bei Live-Abstimmung

Here some lost track of things …

On Thursday evening, the best talents from “The Voice of Germany” sang for one of the coveted spots on the “Hot Seats”. Whoever sits there at the end can go to the quarter-finals. But while this decision was still made by the coaches in all previous seasons, the TV viewers can now vote. However, the new concept was not so well received and had its pitfalls.

For the first time the so-called “Sing Offs” took place live. The reason: For the entire duration of the show, the fans in front of the TV could use an app to determine which candidates from the respective team were allowed to sit on the two “hot seats”. It was also possible to vote for talents who had not yet had their turn.

Moderator Thore Schölermann (37) explained right at the beginning: “It can also be that someone ends up on the hot seat who has not yet sung, but has a large fan base at home.” While the live voting is suspense in theory promised, the implementation did not make every viewer happy.

The “The Voice of Germany” jury didn’t have much to say about the “Sing Offs”Photo: Pro Sieben / Claudius Pflug

For coach Nico Santos (28), candidate Robin Becker (26) was the first to compete, singing “On other ways” by Andreas Bourani (38). Nico Santos praised: “If I decided, I would definitely give you a hot seat.” After the audience voting, the young singer actually landed on one of the two places.

His competitor Gugu Zulu (26) also got a seat, although her performance was still to come. Nevertheless, she was ahead in the ranking. After the duo of two other talents who appeared as a duo, Gugu had to vacate the “hot seat” again – for the time being. So the vote turned into a happy “little tree, change yourselves!” Because Mark Forster (38) couldn’t keep up with the pace, Schölermann joked: “It can go that fast. There you looked. “

Gugu Zulu and Jennifer Williams Braun (from left)

Gugu Zulu and Jennifer Williams Braun (from left)Photo: Pro Sieben / Claudius Pflug

A breakdown also set in quickly. Soul voice Jennifer Williams Braun (63) sang Aretha Franklin’s “Chain Of Fools” terrific, but according to the app she was not sent to one of the coveted chairs. When she was already back in the lounge, Schölermann suddenly announced: “I just got something on my ear. Something happened that we didn’t expect. Jennifer, you’re on the hot seat. ”The duo had to leave for that.

Fans in front of the TV annoyed

Many TV viewers were annoyed by the procedure. Frequent commercial breaks also disrupted the process. Somehow tension didn’t want to arise.

Schölermann tried to keep the fans in front of the TV and said. “I wonder why the coaches have made decisions over the years. You do it much better at home. ”After almost two hours, the first decision was made. For Nico Santos’ team, Gugu Zulu and songwriter Kati Lamberts (26) finally prevailed. The coach himself was allowed to choose a third talent and decided on soul singer Jennifer.

Johannes Oerding’s (39) candidates also had to prove themselves that evening. Not much happened here in the voting right up to the end. Right at the beginning, rocker Sebastian Krenz (29) sang himself on a “hot seat” with “Always” by Bon Jovi. Ex-ESC participant Ann Sophie Dürmeyer (31), who had not yet sung, joined him.

No one else was contesting them for their place. Therefore, some TV viewers were wondering whether the app would no longer work.

Ann Sophie, who sang “Creep” by Radiohead, performed so well on the show that Johannes Oerding promised her something in exuberance. The coach is enthusiastic: “If we continue here today, we’ll go through to the end.” And moderator Schölermann cheered: “Fuck ESC right now!”

Ann Sophie wowed the jury with “Creep” from Radiohead

Ann Sophie wowed the jury with “Creep” from RadioheadPhoto: Pro Sieben / Claudius Pflug

In addition to her and Sebastian Krenz, the young talent Zeynep Avci (38), who was selected by Oerding, also made it to the next round. At the next “Sing Offs”, Sarah Connor (41) and Mark Forster keep their fingers crossed for their teams.

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