The voice of Goku in Japan presents the latest preview of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

The release date of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is coming up in Japan. There is only one month and two days left for the movie theaters to open and screen the long-awaited feature film produced by Toei Animation.

So, taking advantage of the celebrations of the iconic character’s day, the producer publishes a message that emits the very Masako Nozawavoice of Goku in Japanese territory, which contains the most recent advance of the film.

According to what you explain DBS Hype on his Twitter account this will be the last. In other words, after seeing this, there is only the premiere scheduled for June 11, remember, only in Japan.

In this way we share it and tell some details that are new in these images released on Goku Day.

The preview of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

ours is Mario Castaneda and of course nothing is going to break the love we have for Goku from Latin America. But see the Mrs. Masako Nozawa It also makes us feel nostalgic. Like the Mexican act, this interpreter has been at the forefront of Kakaroto in Japan and the whole world; We could not let this situation pass in this advance.

Then, with respect to what appears in the most recent trailer, there is much of the same that has been published. The two androids revealed: Gamma 1 and Gamma 2; the rest of the Red Patrol characters; the alleged kidnapping of Pan, the leading role of Gohan and Piccolo and for the first time a gesture from Broly.

We had only seen the uncontrolled Saiyan from behind in the first leaks and later in photographic publications. Now, although the gesture is very brief, he looks serious and apparently training with Beerus, who appears right after him.

In a previous publication we have already asked ourselves What will Broly’s role be in the movie?

Probably yes, we will see how he is now part of the Z Warriors and makes the (united) family of Saiyans grow. But how far will this association go and to what level can Broly’s power escalate.

There are some rumors that Broly is finally going to become Super Saiyan Blue. The basis for feeding these sayings is in the merchandise of the film that has been published in magazines in Japan and official products.

But a review of FreeGameTips echoes a post from DBS Chronicles which maintains that the grounds for assuring such a thing are false. At no time do they deny that this can happen, because it really is possible. But the magazine in which Broly Super Saiyan Blue is allegedly leaked is misunderstood.

Broly in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

Although that may not have been leaked, it is not unreasonable to think so. We know the level of power that is capable of reaching Broly and how he causes serious problems for the Z Warriors when he completely loses consciousness.

So, in order to focus that power on something much more productive, Broly found a way to keep his cool and agree to it. Goku, next to Whishelp him not to unleash his anger in any extreme situation.

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