The Walking Dead: Here is the “cringe” scene that Kirkman would like to change

The television adaptation of The Walking Dead is about to come to an end after eleven seasons, but the narrative universe born from the Robert Kirkman comic will continue with spinoffs and other projects. Speaking of the impact he has had over the years, the well-known cartoonist also unveiled a scene that she would have liked to change and that has also been transposed to TV (considered by many to be a cringe).

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Robert Kirkman on The Walking Dead scene he wanted to change

Kirkman refers to a scene contained in the first issues in which Donna and Lori Grimes discuss the importance of doing laundry while the men went hunting. “Did I really need to write a full page of female characters talking about how important it was to do laundry? Probably not, but I was 23 when I wrote the comic and it wasn’t the only cringe moment that, at present, I would have undoubtedly changed “ – said to the microphones of ScreenRant – “If I had written the comic now, I would have had Allen and Jim also join in the discussion”.

The scene transposed on TV differs in some respects from the paper counterpart, but was equally criticized by fans of The Walking Dead. In the series, the protagonists are relegated to washing clothes, but are approached by Ed, Carol’s husband, who criticizes their work. Andrea (who replaces Donna from the comic in the scene) invites him to do it alone, but Ed vents it by asserting that it’s not his job.

The Walking Dead comic ended in 2019, while the TV series will end in November after 177 episodes. AMC has already announced the new series that will arrive in the future: one centered on Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and Isle of the Deadwith enemies Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) set in post-apocalyptic New York.

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