The Walking Dead: This means Rick’s comeback

It’s not a particularly long gig, and Rick Grimes isn’t alone either, michonne (Danai Gurira) can also be seen, but he definitely has weight. Not only is Rick the lead for the first nine seasons, many fans have mourned his departure over the years. A trilogy of films about the fate of Rick was planned for a very long time, because when he got out, the character did not die, but was saved from death by mysterious people in military uniforms. That he survived and that Michonne is still looking for him is revealed in the main series finale.

“We arranged a secret shoot and it was important to me that we do it keep secret from viewers“showrunner Angela Kang explained”Variety“. Instead of the films, there will be a joint mini-series by Michonne and Rick, that was already known. Her mini-appearance gives a preview of the joint project. “In my opinion, the series (‘The Walking Dead’, Amn. d . Ed.) just couldn’t be completed without bringing Rick and Michonne back again,” explained Scott Gimple, who is responsible for the entire universe of the franchise and is collaborating on the miniseries of the two. Gimple also wrote the scene, which is now used in the finale is to see.”People will learn what the scene means. It’s all explained. The story behind Michonne’s armor is important. What Rick does is also relevant and what he thinks of it helicopter listens,” says Gimple.

Everything that fans see in one scene is told in the miniseries with Rick and Michonne, which is supposed to be about the reunion, but probably also about the love story between the two.

All seasons of The Walking Dead are available on Disney+.

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